Experienced psychotherapist counsellor and supervisor

Margaret Parkes has many years' experience and offers many services which include working with the following: building self-esteem and finding the lost self, narcissistic abuse, and victims of coercive control, supporting those who wish to get out of relationship addiction patterns, she works with young and old who have suffered from bullying. Margaret pays particular attention not only to emotional issues but also to neurodiverse issues such as ADHD OR ASPERGERS and the part that this may have played in the life of the client. Margaret is psychoeducational in approach when required which make progress speedy in most situations.

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Experienced psychotherapist counsellor and supervisor

Working with ADHD/ASD

Margaret parkes (BA., MSc., Dip in Psych.) is a Systemic Psychotherapist and Supervisor and qualified trainer working in her field for over 22 years. She also holds a qualification from the Kingston College in ADHD theory. Her therapeutic approach is person centered, along with CBT/and choice theory. Margaret is also a psychoeducational psychotherapist and she has developed courses and has trained therapists for a number of years on subjects such as co-dependency, narcissism, addiction and ADHD/ASD and bringing awareness to the link between them all.

Two main areas of work that Margaret engages in are working with victims of narcissistic abuse/coercive control and supporting and educating young and adult clients who present with undiagnosed ADHD/ASD. She finds that sadly they are vulnerable to bullying and coercive control because of their difference. This can happen in the school environment or the work environment and supports them through this.

Margaret’s is always on the watch for neuro-difference if a client presents with anxiety or low self-esteem. If she suspects this is the case she will immediately have the client assessed by a neuro psychiatrist. Margaret works with the client during and after diagnosis, to help them to understand their brain and build their self-esteem. Margaret has a number of adult clients on her records who having left school at 14/15 yrs either went to college and succeeded in getting a degree, changed careers or they set up their own business after being diagnosed late in life.

Margaret is passionate about detecting ADHD/ASD at the earliest stage possible and writes and talks on this subject any opportunity that presents, because she believes when not detected it causes huge pain to the individual and to the family. The great news is when neuro-difference is detected other family members who were struggling too can be helped.

Finally, it is my belief that not detecting ADHD early intelligent young men for example end up dropping out of school due to their inability to focus or self- manage, they then get into addictions to self- medicate and calm their brain, this can lead to trouble with the law, and eventually prison and then sadly for some suicide because they didn’t understand why their head/brain would never rest. We need therapists, GP’s Psychiatrists, teachers, parents to be educated to spot this so everyone can have a chance to achieve their potential in life.


Margaret, I could never have done this without you. I can honestly hand on heart say that you saved my life. I have never met such an experienced professional before that provided me with the tools and techniques to see the light, because of you I’m still here. Thank you for always making th...

Siobhain (winner of a hero award) 2021
Apr 18, 2021

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