Silhoue e of man lost or confused in a world swirling around him.

Whatever is bothering you, counselling with Margaret is your first step in making things better.


Counselling for addiction (food, alcohol, people, money, internet, phone, relationships, gambling etc.)
Recognising signs of addictive behaviour in children / young adults

Anxiety / social anxiety
Counselling for anxiety / social anxiety / stress / panic attacks

Bereavement / loss / grief
Counselling for bereavement / loss / grief

Counselling for depression

Family conflict / family arguments
Counselling for family conflict / family arguments

Parenting issues
Counselling for parenting children with generalized social anxiety
Counselling for parenting ‘gifted’ children
Counselling for parenting ‘complex’ children (mildly autistic, ADHD, ADD, Asbergers, Complex ADHD)
Counselling for parenting ‘difficult’ children, ‘passive’ children or young adults

Relationship issues (abusive / narcissistic)
Counselling for abusive / narcissistic relationships

Relationship issues (addiction / co-dependency)

Counselling for relationship addiction / co-dependency

Self esteem issues
Counselling for low self esteem

Self leadership / self management issues
Counselling for self leadership / self management
Sexual intimacy issues (gay / heterosexual)
Counselling for sexual intimacy issues (gay / heterosexual)

Sexual abuse
Counselling for sexual abuse

Stress / panic attacks
Counselling for anxiety / social anxiety / stress / panic attacks

Counselling for trauma

Work performance issues
Counselling for work / performance issues


"A wonderful two days and I have learned a lot and gained in both skills and confidence."

Mary B.
Aug 30, 2016

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