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‘Understanding my brain and the fact that I had ADHD has helped me understand my actions and behaviour. I guess the hurt of not understanding my self has made me act out has made me look for an escape that has not always been the right choice. Being able now to understand my brain and what triggers affect me it is something I can use going forward in life. Since I have changed my medication my attention to detail and focus has improved dramatically’.
Posted By: Siobhan , 32, ADHD Client
Being diagnosed with ADHD at 26 was bittersweet, all those years I spend thinking the reason I wasn’t getting on in school was because I wasn’t smart enough – which wasn’t the case. I could have been capable of achieving academically I just had to take a different approach. This feeling of me not being smart enough led me to drop out of school and have negative effects on my mental health. The few tools that I have learned recently to help me with ADHD have had a great impact on my life. I just wish I had learned them sooner’.
Posted By: Johnny, 26, Male, ADHD
‘For more than 50 years I have tried to put a name on a collective set of behaviours that have affected my life and relationships. For example difficultly recalling a story I have just been told, say whatever first comes into my mind, poor focus with verbal detail yet meticulous with figures, pretend to listen attentively, but am distracted and bored with conversation, I get confused taking road directions, and with right and left directions, am a recovering alcoholic, sometimes suffer with eating disorders. I get obsessive with hobbies and activities. I am a nice person but some would say I am a people pleaser. I am working with Margaret to work on these behaviours and find it amazing and helpful that I only found out about ADHD since I met with her for counselling’.
Posted By: Dave , 65, Client
When I came to Margaret first I was lost, confused and depressed. I scored myself 1/10. I am able to cope so much better now that I had therapy that helped me understand my ADHD which I feel I have struggled with all my life. This lead to severe bullying inside and outside school. I left school at a young age. I would look at a photo of my-self of when I was younger and would see a failure. I hated myself. I can now accept myself because I now know it wasn’t my fault. I am now on medication and am able to live my life without feeling confused, overwhelmed and am able to deal with issues. My last check in score with was 9/10. I am now at the age of 56 going to college for the first time in my life.
Posted By: Stephen, 56, ADHD Client
I was diagnosed with ADHD at 51 years of age. Finally an explanation for the unexplained void conflicted feelings and behaviours I’ve experienced since childhood. Two years on I live the same life but in a much happier way. I’ve learned to understand how my brain works and how to manage the secondary life numbing symptoms ADHD presented for me, low self-esteem, the self-blame, depression and anxiety. I now find that I can cope with the life I so struggled to navigate in the past. I have developed a much happier healthier relationship with myself, which in return has enriched my relationship with my husband, three children and with life itself. I no longer just exist in life, I can now live it
Posted By: Ann-Marie , 52, ADHD client
"A wonderful two days and I have learned a lot and gained in both skills and confidence."
Posted By: Mary B.
"Overall I have greatly enjoyed the material, speed of delivery and the approach taken in leading us through the two days."
Posted By: Carmel P.
"Wonderful Facilitator - often facilitators have a very ‘corporate’ approach but Margaret’s counselling background is very apparent in how she approaches the job of teaching…"
Posted By: John S.

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For years what I thought what held me back were personality traits and couldn’t be helped. Margaret helped me understand how my mind works which enabled me to confront my issues and take steps to progress. I would never have changed my views without being helped to see how my brain is wired u...

John, 45 , Asperger /ADHD client
Oct 15, 2018

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