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Margaret I can’t thank you enough for your input. Since counselling and change in medication my daughter’s life has changed. She is focusing better and connecting with people more. She has learned to understand herself and her thoughts better and to accept her ‘difference’. She feels justified in giving herself what she needs when she’s around people. She has also become more connected, more caring and understanding of family members – in particular a family member who was also recently diagnosed with ADHD. She is able to support and share the tools that she has learned with him’.
Posted By: Mother of 24 year old daughter - ADHD/Aspergers
Through Margaret’s guidance I have gained a huge amount of knowledge that has helped me to identify clients that have anxiety and depression on the surface but have been suffering all their lives with undetected with ADHD , Asperger’s and other neurological issues. Which in turn led to the clients being officially diagnosed with such disorders and receive proper care, having Margaret as a supervisor has greatly helped me to grow as a therapist’.
Posted By: Samantha Doyle , Supervisee re: client work
For years what I thought what held me back were personality traits and couldn’t be helped. Margaret helped me understand how my mind works which enabled me to confront my issues and take steps to progress. I would never have changed my views without being helped to see how my brain is wired up’.
Posted By: John, 45 , Asperger /ADHD client
‘Margaret helped me to open my eyes. Helped me to slow down my brain to a speed where I could interact with it. Helped me to see my true worth within myself. Helped me to lay the foundations of a new road for my life to take, this time empowered and directed by me – thank you’.
Posted By: Eric , Adult client
I found your insight helpful. It brought new awareness to me as a therapist. It helped in identifying that my client had ADHD which allowed me to alter how I worked with him. To slow the work down, to not get frustrated and to help him understand himself. I am more aware of the signs and indeed how prevalent and undiagnosed these conditions are’.
Posted By: Carol , Supervisee Re: her client
‘Margaret with your help and guidance we now understand Tom’s behaviour and personality a lot better. Tom has an understanding of himself and is a lot more open and in tune with himself’.
Posted By: Mother of a 17 year old ADHD/Asperger male who at tended the sessions with the Father and Mother
‘Margaret without your help over the past few weeks I don’t know what I would have done. I feel professionals do not see the whole story. If young people who had ADHD understood it they would not feel worthless, stupid, panicked, leading to anxiety and horrible thoughts of self -harm’
Posted By: Mother of a 21 year old ADHD Male who attended the sessions with her son
‘When you don’t realise you have it, it can sabotage your life. You feel shame, stupid and dumbed down due to an inability to focus. I was so hard on myself and felt so confused and such a failure in school and in work. I am now on medication to help me with focus and I feel relieved, like my brain is unclogged. Understanding my brain helps me take control of it and not be so hard on myself. Also understanding my ADD helps me understand both my parents. I now believe my Mother also has ADD and my Father has ADHD. I now have less anger regarding my Mothers hyper-talking and her constant loud interruptions. I feel sad that they never got the opportunity to understand themselves in the way that I got to understand myself”’.
Posted By: Leona , 30, ADD Client
‘I always struggled with feeling stupid, misunderstood and lost in life – especially academically in school. This turned into anxiety and depression and brought me into counselling with Margaret. Here I discovered this might be ADD and went for specialist diagnosis and was diagnosed with ADHD. I have learned to understand my brain and manage myself differently using tools like planning, time management and meditation to slow my brain down. I have learned to make an effort to stay focused on the task in hand and to do one thing at a time. I now understand and have compassion for myself. My confidence has grown, and I no longer feel stupid’.
Posted By: Gillian, 32, ADHD Client
‘I have been mystified for years. My partner is so poor with soft skills, not listening, interrupting stumbling over words, poor focus, poor spelling, misinterprets messages, trouble with directions, yet could put his hand to any task, jigsaw crossword puzzle and is precise at DIY. Everything is making sense having had sessions with Margaret and participating on her course. I now understand my partner. I can cut him some slack on the basis that he may not be able to process information as a clear and critical thinker. Since the concept has been suggested by Margaret that he may have ADD I have come to understand many of the behavioural issues. I am really grateful to Margaret for highlighting this to me and wish that when he was in rehabilitation for alcoholism that this was addressed as part of the problem/diagnosis’.
Posted By: Lorna - Partner of Neurodiverse Client

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‘For more than 50 years I have tried to put a name on a collective set of behaviours that have affected my life and relationships. For example difficultly recalling a story I have just been told, say whatever first comes into my mind, poor focus with verbal detail yet meticulous with figures,...

Dave , 65, Client
Oct 15, 2018

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