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Margaret, I could never have done this without you. I can honestly hand on heart say that you saved my life. I have never met such an experienced professional before that provided me with the tools and techniques to see the light, because of you I’m still here.

Thank you for always making the time to see me and actively listen to me. I can never thank you enough.

I have 12 weeks left and I have then finished my MSC in Psychology.. who would have thought it, certainly not me and in addition I have left my previous organization.. it’s a new chapter.
Posted By: Siobhain (winner of a hero award) 2021
Margaret Parkes was recommended to me by a fellow counsellor because she had the relevant experience in dealing with narcissistic abuse and codependency.
I have been working with Margaret for around a year and started around the time I had made the decision to leave a long term destructive, abusive cohabiting, codependent relationship with a narcissist.
It was extremely difficult to concede I needed help and to take the first step, but I can honestly say it is one of the best decisions I have ever made and I could not have done it and sustained being away without Margaret’s support.
As well as being a truly amazing, inspirational and warm human being she immediately put me at ease and I found myself confiding in and trusting her immediately.
Margaret really made me examine myself and gave me lots of coping mechanisms. She is an extremely knowledgeable, pragmatic and non judgemental person, highly skilled in dealing with broken people, which is what I was.
I can never thank her enough for the difference she has made to my life this past year."
Posted By: Therese Scotland
After a traumatic experience of narcissistic abuse, no clarity or understanding, I found Margaret and everything changed for me in the best way. I've got clarity and understanding which has me in a good place, I now feel strong and aware of my own weaknesses that I so needed to change and to be a stronger person as I am today. After a disappointing outcome from going through other therapies I felt isolated, misunderstood and reluctant to go to therapy again. I'm so happy I went with my gut and came to you Margaret, we developed such a strong rapport from the very beginning, I'm now excited for my next chapter in life! Thank you Margaret''
Posted By: Alice, 22 (Recovering victim of narcissistic abuse)
With Margaret’s intervention, knowledge and years of experience I totally changed how I work with clients. Margaret helped me recognise my own control issues, this was key to my change and subsequently how I work with my clients. It allowed me to identify two different types of control patterns in the Narcissistic and Co-Dependant personality types. She provided me with priceless tools on how to deal with these personalities. Thank you, Margaret for changing my professional and private life in ways that I will always be truly grateful.
Posted By: Helena supervisee
My feelings and understanding on being advised of ADHD: I have long had difficulties with self-esteem and have always been my own worst critic but I feel much more at ease now and I am much kinder to myself. That there is an explanation for the way I think, operate and feel makes me hopeful for the first time in so long. I feel like a weight has been lifted and that things can and will get easier. It has been a long frustrating journey but it all feels worth it now having had my eyes opened to this condition. I only wish I had the opportunity to visit Margaret a decade ago.
Posted By: Gus 45 yrs diagnosed in 2019 with ADHD
In less than a year with Margaret, I have found greater insight into my foremost problem, my relationships with my children, than in the previous ten years with other therapists. I feel that her psychoeducational approach has helped me to understand what happened to me over a period of 30 years of marriage to a narcissist, and has also given me a language that allows me to describe this experience. My understanding of the dynamic of narcissist, codependent, etc., has helped me begin to heal from the narcissistic abuse, the parental alienation, and the resulting traumatic separation from my family that had left me nearly non-functional. Through her clarity of thought, I have come to realise that I am no longer alone in this terrible situation and that there is a way out and a road to recovery available to me that other people have successfully travelled. I feel I am finally starting to recover my inner strength and the identity I had lost. (Christine 69yrs in recovery from narcissistic abuse - ww worked via Skype lives in Toronto) Jan 2020
Posted By: Christine 69yrs
The understanding of neuro difference/ADHD in our family and its connection with the self esteem of individual family members has been truly helpful. Due to the many dimensions of neuro difference/ADHD it became very apparent during our sessions how in particular it had affected my sons self esteem. Through Margaret's expertise my son was given the tools to put himself 1st and not look for external validation to feel of worth. He is now a happier, caring, strong and loving child performing well academically. I would happily recommend Margaret Parkes to anyone or any family because I know she will guide them through their journey of understanding the beauty of ADHD"
Posted By: Gay a mother of two
‘Through my training as a therapist and counsellor/psychotherapist I have had many supervisors. It wasn’t until I commenced supervision with Margaret I gained a wealth of knowledge around the impact undiagnosed and diagnosed ADHD Asperger and ASD had on clients when not addressed appropriately. Through supervision and research I found that it had a profound effect on feelings emotion and behaviour on the self and towards others. I found that exploring this with the client lead to self-acceptance and growth’.
Posted By: Linda, Supervisee re: ADHD, ASPERGERS, ASD
‘I now understand that my brain works differently from others and why. Anything task based was not a problem but when it came to emotions i.e. being a parent, partner, or son I had to pretend to as that [emotional] side does not come naturally. I now understand why I have to put effort into working this side of my brain. I realise the way I was and the way I was is nothing to be ashamed about. I still get frustrated when people don’t see what I see and I have to learn to accept their difference more. Now I understand why’.
Posted By: Brein, 45yrs, ADHD/Asperger Client
Margaret I can’t thank you enough for your input. Since counselling and change in medication my daughter’s life has changed. She is focusing better and connecting with people more. She has learned to understand herself and her thoughts better and to accept her ‘difference’. She feels justified in giving herself what she needs when she’s around people. She has also become more connected, more caring and understanding of family members – in particular a family member who was also recently diagnosed with ADHD. She is able to support and share the tools that she has learned with him’.
Posted By: Mother of 24 year old daughter - ADHD/Aspergers

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With Margaret’s intervention, knowledge and years of experience I totally changed how I work with clients. Margaret helped me recognise my own control issues, this was key to my change and subsequently how I work with my clients. It allowed me to identify two different types of control patterns...

Helena supervisee
Jan 28, 2020

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