Woman having panic attack surrounded by black silhouttes.

Stress and panic attacks are becoming more common but,
by working with Margaret, relief is possible.

Counselling for Stress and Panic Attacks

Stress and panic attacks are experiences that are becoming more common in modern day living.

People often find themselves in very adverse or demanding circumstances (e.g. loss of loved one, unemployment or even just continuous ‘keeping up with the Jones’).  This can result in a state of mental or emotional strain and tension (commonly known as ‘stress’).  This happens because, as people try to deal with these adverse circumstances, they become disconnected from their true feelings and their real needs. 

In addition, in my experience, many people have spent most of their lives being connected to everyone else’s needs and have never really given themselves permission to properly consider themselves.

Over time people can become emotionally exhausted by all this.  This exhaustion can manifest in the form of stress or panic attacks (i.e. sudden overwhelming feelings of acute and disabling anxiety) which occur as life begins to feel out of control.

I work with people to help them become connected to their real selves again and to properly value themselves - perhaps for the first time ever.  I help them to gain the courage to reveal this true ‘self’ to the external world, and to identify the fears that might get in the way of this process. 

I also support people to gain the communication skills they need to discuss their feelings, to get their needs met and to move forward.  In most cases, as the person gets their own emotional needs met, they will find that their stress eases, and the panic attacks decrease before eventually disappearing.

This process can take time but, to relieve stress and panic attacks, working with me will make a difference.


Margaret I can’t thank you enough for your input. Since counselling and change in medication my daughter’s life has changed. She is focusing better and connecting with people more. She has learned to understand herself and her thoughts better and to accept her ‘difference’. She feels ...

Mother of 24 year old daughter - ADHD/Aspergers
Oct 15, 2018

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