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No matter how angry or bitter the relationship has become, Margaret provides a safe and non-judgemental environment to work things through.

Counselling for Relationship Issues

There are times in all relationships when things don't run smoothly. Sometimes, this is because people have different expectations from the relationship, or because they’re dealing with other issues, or because they have difficulty expressing what is on their minds or in their hearts.  These complications mean that other people in the relationship cannot really hear or understand what is being said.

I have extensive experience and success in working with individuals, couples (heterosexual and gay),  families, and organisations struggling with such relationship issues.  Such is my understanding, and passion, for this area that I have developed CPD courses to share my insight and knowledge with other therapists. 

The areas in which I have particular expertise include:
  • Co-dependent behaviour – when a person stays in a relationship that is one sided and emotionally destructive / abusive
  • Addiction issues – issues occur when one or other of the partners in a relationship is struggling with an addiction
  • Sexual intimacy issues – both emotional and physical issues need to be processed
  • Abusive relationships – physical or emotional abuse in couples or families
  • Relationship addiction – where we know a relationship is unhealthy yet we continue to stay
  • Communication difficulties in the relationship – patterns of communication and their origin need to be identified with a more helpful style of communication being developed to move things forward
  • Narcissistic behaviour in the relationship – when most things is the relationship occur for the benefit of one, rather than the other, person
In my practice, I work interactively to create a safe, caring and non-judgmental environment. In this way, people can openly share their feelings and experiences and timely progress can be made on the issues involved.

Relationships can be enjoyed rather than endured. We can work together to make this happen for you.


‘Through my training as a therapist and counsellor/psychotherapist I have had many supervisors. It wasn’t until I commenced supervision with Margaret I gained a wealth of knowledge around the impact undiagnosed and diagnosed ADHD Asperger and ASD had on clients when not addressed appropriate...

Linda, Supervisee re: ADHD, ASPERGERS, ASD
Oct 15, 2018

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