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When parents are having difficulty with their child’s behaviour, Margaret can help everyone to find out what is going on.

Counselling For Parenting Issues

Parenting has always been a challenge but nowadays families are increasingly feeling the pressure of dealing with a perceived ‘difficult’ child or a child with ADHD, Complex ADHD, or Aspergers Syndrome.  In many cases, families are struggling with children who have these conditions but are unaware of this as the child has yet to be diagnosed.  I work to help them understand what they are experiencing so that proper care and support can be provided to the child effected.

In addition, children can live in a family system where very often it is not just the child’s behaviour that needs to be addressed if the issues are to be resolved.  A typical situation is for the parent to be more aware of the behaviour they are experiencing from the child than they are of their own behaviour.  

Upon exploration many parents come to realise that they are, unconsciously, contributing to the situation by their beliefs or actions.  Often, for example, they are unknowingly following the parenting styles of their own parents – and some of this conditioning may not be ideal.  I work to help parents understand their own behaviour and, depending on the child’s own personal ‘story’, have enabled many parents to ‘correct’ or ‘reconstruct’ what they are co-creating with their own child.

In the course of the parenting sessions, I explore what behaviours are currently taking place and try to establish their origin.  I encourage the expression of feelings about the impact of this behaviour on those affected most – usually the children.  Because this expression takes place in a ‘safe’ environment the discussion is usually open, honest and respectful – which supports the family ‘system’ to move forward in a different way.  I always keep a very open mind, and draw on my knowledge and understanding gained over many years, to take into account the different complexities of each individual child.

There is not a ‘one best way’ of parenting in any situation and I work with parents to find the best 'fit' for them and for their unique child. Together we can find the best one for your family too.


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