The malignant narcissist is manipulative and controlling. Power is important to them. They can abuse financially, sexually, emotionally or physically. Narcissistic abuse is becoming more known about yet it appears to be growing - in relationships, organisations and socially. It can present as mild put downs and exclusion to serious ongoing criticism, threats, outbursts, game playing, lying, silent treatment, unfair control over the finances (to the point a partner might have to beg for money to pay bills) or severe life-threatening violence. The narcissist will deny or lie or blame you about what they have done or said. Often their aim is to diminish you until you lose your confidence and you become dependent on them. This lying and blaming is gaslighting and its very confusing for the victim and destabilising to the point they start to doubt themselves. Sadly, often the victim does not know that they are living with a narcissist until they themselves become very unwell. Help is at hand for victims of this abuse. Margaret at NARCISSISTIC ABUSE COUNSELLNG IRELAND and NARCISSISTIC ABUSE EUROPE will journey with you to help you to take your power back over your life and to build your self-esteem so that you may change your life


Margaret I can’t thank you enough for your input. Since counselling and change in medication my daughter’s life has changed. She is focusing better and connecting with people more. She has learned to understand herself and her thoughts better and to accept her ‘difference’. She feels ...

Mother of 24 year old daughter - ADHD/Aspergers
Oct 15, 2018

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