Silhouette of older family having conflict or arguing at table

In family conflicts, Margaret can help members gain new perspectives and move forward.

Counselling for Family Conflicts

While family relationships are usually a source of love, joy and support they can also bring disagreement, stress and conflict.  Sometimes, this negativity is continuous so that family life is no longer a source of pleasure, but is to be avoided at all costs.  In this case, it can be very helpful to get assistance from someone who is not involved in the relationship but who can help everyone gain new perspectives and move forward.

I have significant experience of working with families affected by conflict, both in a business setting and in a therapeutic setting.  Certainly, in some cases, there can be an aggressor or addict who is causing a significant amount of difficulty for the family.  However, I have found that progress is most effectively made towards resolution by taking a systemic view on things where the family is considered as a whole.

This systemic approach seeks to find what the individuals involved (e.g.  couple or a family group) have co-constructed together, and to support each person as they become aware of the part they are playing in the current situation.  I encourage the expression of feelings in a respectful way (some which might never have been expressed before) thus supporting the building of relationships.  By encouraging group members to identify how things could be different, and by proposing new ways of behaving towards each other, I have witnessed huge changes in family dynamics.  I have had much success is this area of my work and have produced academic theses on the subject.

Family life can be a cornerstone of support in your life.  I can help your family enjoy this.


I found your insight helpful. It brought new awareness to me as a therapist. It helped in identifying that my client had ADHD which allowed me to alter how I worked with him. To slow the work down, to not get frustrated and to help him understand himself. I am more aware of the signs and inde...

Carol , Supervisee Re: her client
Oct 15, 2018

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