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No matter how depressed or sad you feel,
counselling with Margaret is your first step in making things better.

Counselling for Depression

Depression has been described as a state of feeling sad (very often profound) with no sense of hope for the future.  It is a serious medical condition in which, sometimes, the person affected is left so ‘disabled’ that they are unable to live in a normal way.

Over the years, I have worked with many clients, young and old, who have been experiencing this debilitating condition.  The good news is that, with intervention, it was possible to recover and to move forward with their lives.  I work by helping sufferers to understand the underlying issues, historical or present, that are impacting on their wellbeing at the time.  In this way, they are able to identify and process the feelings that are keeping them stuck.  This enables them to re-condition their unhelpful thinking and to manage themselves differently moving forward.

Sometimes, depression feels overwhelming – but by taking action and talking about it, you can break the stranglehold.  I can help you with this.


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