Coercive control is emotional abuse and sometimes physical abuse. With emotional abuse the victim's bruises are hidden whereas with physical abuse the bruises are visible. Both types of abuse are serious because they create an unequal controlling power dynamic in the relationship. This gives the perpetrator control, causes fear and isolation in their partner making it difficult for their victim to leave. If you are victim of this abuse and you want change, please contact COERCIVE CONTROL COUNSELLING IRELAND where you will be assisted by Margaret Parkes to become self-empowered and will regain your lost self and your freedom to live a life beyond your dreams.


‘Margaret without your help over the past few weeks I don’t know what I would have done. I feel professionals do not see the whole story. If young people who had ADHD understood it they would not feel worthless, stupid, panicked, leading to anxiety and horrible thoughts of self -harm’

Mother of a 21 year old ADHD Male who attended the sessions with her son
Oct 15, 2018

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