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What is the motivation of a narcissist behind breadcrumbing?

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Narcissists are takers not givers and if they do give it is to gain something back for themselves. They give you breadcrumbs to keep you sweet enough to stay but not enough that you might grow in self-esteem and leave. Its control and their way of keeping you under their thumb.

When my clients in our work have come to a place where they are saying “but I want/deserve a decent piece of the cake” I know they are well on their way to making healthy choices.

Try not to accept breadcrumbs you will starve emotionally. You deserve more than that.


‘I now understand that my brain works differently from others and why. Anything task based was not a problem but when it came to emotions i.e. being a parent, partner, or son I had to pretend to as that [emotional] side does not come naturally. I now understand why I have to put effort into w...

Brein, 45yrs, ADHD/Asperger Client
Oct 15, 2018

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