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Why is it that most bosses are narcissists?

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I have noticed in my work as a systemic psychotherapist and training consultant that a large number of successful entrepreneurs or bosses appear to have neurodifferent traits perhaps similar to those that can be found on the ADHD/Asperger spectrum.

This difference brings them helpful traits that assist them in being extremely creative, driven and focused on their end goal. They find solutions that a neurotypical person might not, they tend to think outside the box.

This personality can also tend to hyperfocus on their career and on the task. They are also risk takers and are therefore decisive. These excellent abilities can lead to them securing senior roles in the organisation.

However in many cases this drive and hyperfocus can have a down side. This personality can be so focused on their end game that they do not prioritise emotional relationships or communication. This can have a negative impact on the organisation in the long run.

There is no doubt that some bosses are narcissistic and get a feed out of strategic game playing thus causing emotional destabilisation. This is devastating as it damages organisational relationships and the well being of the individuals working in it.

The non narcissistic neurodifferent personality can also be unpredictable because they are fast thinkers and are impulsive and can change direction/plans without consultation which can also frustrate relationships and trust in the organisation. However their intent is not malignant. (Steve Jobs sacking from his own company Apple Computers comes to mind).

Perhaps this personality is initially a great asset to the company in a start up situation or getting a company through tough times, however in the long term the company must be professionalised to enable stabilisation, to protect its most important asset - its people.


‘Margaret helped me to open my eyes. Helped me to slow down my brain to a speed where I could interact with it. Helped me to see my true worth within myself. Helped me to lay the foundations of a new road for my life to take, this time empowered and directed by me – thank you’.

Eric , Adult client
Oct 15, 2018

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