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Can you have childhood trauma and still be an empath? I feel my background would contribute more to narcissistic traits but, nope. I never got the love or empathy from my family growing up. You’d think I’d characterize myself with those traits.

Yes you definitely can very much be an empath having come from childhood trauma.

This is because you now truly understand what emotional pain feels like. When we truly acknowledge our pain with compassion we will understand the pain of another with kindness, love and compassion

Perhaps you have heard of the phrase ‘the wounded healer’, perhaps you can embrace and use your gift of empathy.


Through Margaret’s guidance I have gained a huge amount of knowledge that has helped me to identify clients that have anxiety and depression on the surface but have been suffering all their lives with undetected with ADHD , Asperger’s and other neurological issues. Which in turn led to the c...

Samantha Doyle , Supervisee re: client work
Oct 15, 2018

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