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Are people with ADHD aware that they have ADHD? From what I see, many of them seem completely oblivious to it

Many are not aware that they are neurodifferent.

However though highly intelligent they feel different and have done so for much of their lives. They often feel anxious trying to be neurotypical and alone in their struggle and unable to describe or put a name on how they are feeling (some were also struggling with dyslexia too). Many of my clients felt this way until we met.

Peers can notice this difference, and if the ADHD person (adult or child) is vulnerable in nature they are at risk of being manipulated or bullied or they themselves can engage in this behaviour to protect themselves and also to fit in.

They resist rules and confinement I.e. school and the feeling of being controlled. They are very bright however the pace and subjects in school can be boring to them and not hold their attention. Yet if they find their interest they can be hyperfocused. They are also very creative. That is why they can be so successful in business.

They find it difficult to stay focused, are easily distracted, have poor planning skills, have difficulty listening, their head is in overdrive to the point of anxiety and depression in some. This is when they present to the GP or to therapy. Their brain is exhausted trying to focus. This is when they realise something is not right.

Sadly they are all too often diagnosed with anxiety and the core issue still remains unidentified.

This is why awareness and education about ADHD is the key. If not identified there can be serious consequences i.e. Addiction to self medicate, many in treatment centres and prisons are undiagnosed ADHD. I would wonder if many suicides are because ADHD went undiagnosed?

We need to assess every child at age 6 and then nurture this beautiful difference so they can achieve their potential.


‘Understanding my brain and the fact that I had ADHD has helped me understand my actions and behaviour. I guess the hurt of not understanding my self has made me act out has made me look for an escape that has not always been the right choice. Being able now to understand my brain and what tri...

Siobhan , 32, ADHD Client
Oct 15, 2018

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