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What hurts a narcissist more than indifference?

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Yes indifference hurts and angers the narcissist because it shows them that they no longer have power or control over you.

However in my work I have found what often hurts them more is exposing their behaviour to the world (as long as you do not put your-self in danger).

An example might be to immediately call the police or a friend when they start to become coersively or physically controlling. This is a crime. Why keep it hidden?

Too often we hide their behaviour as if we have something to be ashamed about.

Or if they blatantly lie about you as a put down in company, call them out on it in front of people, without being too invested in their response.

Exposure in my view hurts a narcissist just as much as indifference and in doing so you grow in strength and self-validation..

Do not let them shame you into silence for their unacceptable behaviour, this shows you are truly indifferent.


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