“When you really understand,love and accept yourself … the world is yours!”
- Margaret Parkes
How I make counselling work for YOU…
I believe that effective therapy is about respect, warmth and trust while also being gently challenging.  It requires a genuine, interactive relationship between the therapist and client.  With this philosophy, I have worked with many individuals, couples, families and organisations to help make positive and timely change happen for them.

What YOU can expect from me…

My work with clients is totally confidential.  My style is transparent so that the client fully understands the process at all times.  To achieve this, I believe in sharing knowledge, skills and education whenever necessary.  I also work at the client’s pace, exploring issues as and when appropriate.

How YOU know that YOU are in good hands…

In terms of qualifications, I hold a Professional Diploma in Psychotherapy (The Tivoli Institute), MSc in Systemic Organisation & Management (The Clanwilliam Institute), I have three years gestalt experiential group experience (The Gestalt Centre) and am a IACP Accredited Supervisor.  I also hold a BA in Business (Dublin Business School) and am a qualified Trainer.  
I have been running a busy private practice in Dublin for over 15 years.  During this time, I have built up an extensive base of individuals, couples and family clients – proof that therapy works!

How ORGANISATIONS can benefit from working with me…

The benefit of therapy is not just restricted to individuals and families. I also work extensively as a management and training consultant / mediator in the corporate sector facilitating various personnel development programmes which contribute significantly to the bottom line.

Working with me makes a difference and I’d be happy to discuss how you can benefit!


Through Margaret’s guidance I have gained a huge amount of knowledge that has helped me to identify clients that have anxiety and depression on the surface but have been suffering all their lives with undetected with ADHD , Asperger’s and other neurological issues. Which in turn led to the c...

Samantha Doyle , Supervisee re: client work
Oct 15, 2018

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